Nicole G. is Raising Our Future

Nicole is raising our future

When I became a mother six years ago, I learned how hard raising a family is even when you are relatively comfortable. I took my paycheck and basically sent the entire after-tax amount to childcare. I couldn’t believe how hard it is in this country to be a working parent and I thought it cruel that working families, poor families, immigrant families, LGBTQ families had additional burdens and obstacles placed in front of them. This year so far I watched families get torn apart or live in fear of being torn apart by deportation, I watched families struggle to support their trans children when official policies tell them they aren’t welcome, heard of families facing the prospect of losing health insurance which could mean they cannot afford to keep family members alive, saw parents and sons and daughters killed by those charged to protect them and the attitude by those in charge of our country is that they aren’t important enough to matter.
I never thought that the gains we made could or would be taken away. I never expected such deep setbacks. I expected to keep fighting, but I never thought we’d be arguing over whether our country was a nation of immigrants or whether families should have access to family planning or whether healthcare was a right.All of this makes me angry. I want to use that anger to fight for all those under attack from a party that once touted its “family values.” Because I finally learned my lesson: the reason progress happens in this country is because people who are angry fight like hell to move this nation forward and we can’t ever let up.