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Raising Our Future PAC is proud to announce our first direct giving event in support of Congresswoman Debbie Mucarsel-Powell who is running for reelection in Florida’s 26th Congressional District!

This is a unique opportunity for you to (virtually) meet with Congresswoman Mucarsel-Powell and hear from her about how Congress is helping working families during the pandemic.

Our event will be August 24th from 6:30 to 7:15 via video conference. There will also be a VIP reception from 6:00 to 6:30 for those of you able to dig a little deeper.

Congresswoman Mucarsel-Powell is one of our greatest 2018 alumni. After she earned our Honor Roll designation, she won her district in November. Immediately upon entering Congress in 2019, she began to focus on education and working families.

During the COVID-19 pandemic she has advocated for safety in childcare centers and helping children and parents navigate the mental health toll the pandemic has had on all of us.

We are proud to support Congresswoman Mucarsel-Powell again in 2020 and honored to have this opportunity for our members to talk with her directly to learn about her advocacy and to explain the difficulties that working families are navigating across the country during the pandemic.

The invitation is below and there’s a link in the comments to purchase tickets. This is a really special opportunity to dialogue directly with decision-makers to share your concerns and actively participate in our mission! We hope to see you all three weeks from tonight!
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Today Raising Our Future PAC is proud to endorse Joe Biden for President.

Joe Biden has spent over forty years serving working families in the Senate and as Vice President. In this time of COVID and renewed focus on the existing inequalities in the United States, Joe Biden is uniquely positioned to lead the country to better times.

Undoubtedly this has been a difficult four years for working families. We are facing record unemployment and schools are in the unfathomable position of trying to open while children and teachers are in danger from a pandemic. Parents are trying to figure out how to balance new working realities while also serving as the secondary instructor for distance learning. This is the hardest moment our generation has ever faced.

Joe Biden would be the first person to admit he doesn’t have all the answers and that is why ROFPAC trusts him with our endorsement. Joe Biden is not the same man that entered the Capitol 45 years ago. He has grown and changed for the better. Joe Biden can take new information and change his mind. Joe Biden listens to people that are smarter and have more expertise.

We’ve seen that in action with his platform. Just this week, understanding the struggles working families have faced, he responded with a $775 billion plan to ensure universal Pre-k and paid family leave. Joe Biden has gone from a Senator with a lousy record on racial equality to winning the support of many of the heroes of the Civil Rights movement including the late John Lewis. It is because Joe Biden listens.

Most importantly, Joe Biden has that intangible quality that every parent strives for: empathy. Joe Biden is a man who has been through more personal and professional tragedy than most and he knows what it is to despair. He knows what it is like to be scared for the future. He knows what it is liked to be knocked down and counted out.

Joe Biden also knows how to get up and keep fighting.

That’s what we know Joe Biden will do for working families. Joe will make mistakes. Joe will say things that make us angry and make us cringe. Joe Biden is perhaps the most painfully human person to ever run for President. Yet, Joe Biden is a fundamentally good man and one that will work hard to be a better man and better president.

As parents we know how it is to fall short of perfect. Joe Biden knows that too. We are a group of imperfect parents endorsing an imperfect man because Joe Biden is us. Joe Biden is a good person trying his hardest. He is good now and he will be better when he leaves office.

We look forward to voting for him November 3rd and making him president on January 20th with a strong group of legislators that will move our parent-powered agenda forward.
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Happy 3rd birthday to Raising Our Future! Three years ago (and one day, we’re tardy) we officially launched ROFPAC into the world. Six months of hard work by dozens of volunteers led us to that moment. Since then we’ve raised and donated tens of thousands of dollars. We’ve helped elect dozens of great legislators. Most importantly, we’ve seen the discussion shift towards the issues we’ve championed for the last three years. While none of us expected or wanted this pandemic, it has exposed the importance of public education, paid family leave, and the issues of working families. The murder of George Floyd and the subsequent protests have laid bare to the country that equality is something we are far from achieving.

Even in this time of upheaval and challenge, we are laying the groundwork for real change that will make this a better country long after 2020 is mercifully just a memory.

I want to thank every single person who has read our platform or shared our posts. Thank you to every person who has donated a hard-earned dollar to our PAC in hopes that we can make this country a better, more equal place. I want to thank each of our endorsed candidates for delivering for working families who sacrificed in order to elect them.

With 100 days until the election, we are starting to endorse and fund candidates for 2020. Today we will have a major endorsement and in the upcoming weeks we will have exciting new opportunities for ROFPAC supporters to interact directly with some of our best candidates.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for going with my crazy little idea and taking it all the way to a PAC that is making a difference. It is truly one of the honors of my life.

And we aren’t even close to done.
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This has been a trying two months for all of us we hope this finds you healthy and as happy as can be in our new normal.

But of course, this is not normal and “happy” has become the ultimate sliding scale. Over 36 million Americans have lost their jobs. Even more have seen their hours cuts or salaries reduced. In the blink of an eye, our kids have gone from overscheduled to watching those weird mid-70’s Disney movies with Don Knotts.

We are … surviving, doing our best to stay healthy, pay our bills, and keep our families from melting down. The last thing on your mind is fundraising for the 2020 election. Frankly, it hasn’t been our minds either. This is a PAC that is run by working parents. We are going through the same things right now. On our board, we’re struggling with furlough, job loss, cut salaries, special needs kids, and homeschooling … and we’re tired. But we are also acutely aware of why it matters who leads and who is serving in Congress.

That’s where you come in. If all our followers donated $5 today, we could support 20 more candidates in November.

The members we helped elect in 2018 have been vital to the gains working families have made in the last year and a half. Our alumni have pushed for working families to be included in COVID relief packages. They have worked for hazard pay for our first responders and frontline retail workers. They have pushed for help with childcare in a time which has seen our long standing systems upended. They have pushed for the resources our schools need to adjust to this new and awful reality of distance learning.

We are asking you today to help fund our 2020 election fund because $5 more a month from just fifteen of us is enough to give a $1,000 donation to a candidate who is going to fight for us in Congress.

If you don’t have any more to give right now, we hear you. If you can’t give financially, give us your voice. Share our page with your friends and talk about how we need parent-centric policies in this country.

As the nation continues to cope with this pandemic, we can’t leave families behind. Our small investments now can ensure that we come out of this awful time stronger.
We are raising our future.