Marni is Raising Our Future

Marni is Raising Our Future

I never wanted to get involved in politics. I kept myself informed to a certain extent but didn’t feel the need to be active at all, until 2016. Hillary had always inspired me and when she decided to run, that was it. I was in.

I joined a group of like-minded people on Facebook. We regularly talked about the election, we discussed our differences, we watched debates, we tried to bring civil discourse to a political climate that was becoming uglier by the minute. They inspired me. I started to become vocal, to post all the positive aspects of my candidate and her platform. I donated what little money I could. I tried to be a force for good, someone my daughter could be proud of.

Election day came. I took my almost 2-year-old daughter with me to the polls. We were both dressed in white in honor of the suffragettes. I cannot begin to describe the pride I felt having her with me as I cast my vote for the first female president. This was a day that we would talk about for the rest of our lives. And then, as the polls came in, I felt my heart break. The anxiety and fear became overwhelming and I cried, and cried.

Those were dark days, and I will forever remember them, but not for the reasons I had hoped. Among other fears, I feared for the discrimination my Mexican mother would continue to face, and I felt shame for the gratitude that my daughter and I could pass as white. I turned to my group of friends and they commiserated with me.

January 20th came, and it was a hard, hard day. January 21st came and after attending the Women’s March at my state capitol I was energized and knew I needed to take more action. One of the members of my group of internet friends threw out the idea that we should start a PAC, put our money where our mouth is and really work to make the changes we feel so passionate about! A conference call later and Raising Our Families Political Action Committee was born.

Things may not be how I envisioned they would be a year ago, but I am still a part of a force for good, I am working hard to give my daughter a good life, and to be someone she can be proud of. Right now we may just be a spark, but the plan is to fan this spark into a flame. Donate today and join us in being part of this force for good!