Frequently Asked Questions

What is a PAC?

A political action committee (PAC) is an entity that raises and spends money to support candidates for public office through campaign contributions.


What or Who is Raising Our Future PAC?

Raising Our Future PAC (ROFPAC) is a non-connected PAC. We are a parent-centric parent-funded progressive organization supporting candidates for federal public office. Visit our platform page for more information on what we stand for.

Who do you give to?

ROFPAC has established contribution criteria by which we evaluate candidates. We give to both incumbents and challengers who support families like ours, will represent our interest in Congress, and will fight for progressive values.


Are there restrictions on who can give to the PAC?

ROFPAC can only accept personal contributions from American citizens. Contributions cannot be made from a business fund – they must be made from a personal account.

As a Non-connected committee, ROFPAC must make “best efforts” to obtain, maintain and report the name, address, occupation and employer of each contributor who gives more than $200 in a calendar year. Therefore, solicitations and contribution forms will include questions intended to gather this information for reporting purposes.

Foreign nationals cannot contribute to ROFPAC.


Are there legal limits to how much I can give?

Individuals can contribute up to $5,000 per calendar year in personal funds. Married couples each have separate $5,000 limits per calendar year, even if only one spouse has income. Contributions in cash are limited to $100 or less, and anonymous contributions cannot exceed $50.


Is PAC giving transparent? Are contributions public?

PACs must file regular reports disclosing their receipts and disbursements. ROFPAC files reports on a quarterly basis with the Federal Election Committee. Any contributions over $200 in a calendar year will be displayed in a public report.