The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Fails American Families

The Republicans in Congress have released a tax plan that is purely a sleight of hand, claiming support for working families, parents, and individuals across the country while they undermine policies that enable families to grow and prosper. Their plan, in an effort to achieve “simplification,” disguises a small package of new credits, a modest […]

Melissa is Raising Our Future

I have never been involved in politics at all but this past election cycle changed that. In part because I decided to take my head out of the sand and pay attention to what was going on around me and in part because the two most important humans in my life will directly be effected by the decisions of this administration. [Read more…]

Public Schools Are Vital

Caitlin Wheeler is a founding member of Raising Our Future. I am a public school parent.   I attended private schools in my wealthy hometown in my wealthy state because the public schools in my town had a terrible reputation, and my parents, who weren’t exactly wealthy themselves, made sacrifices to send me to private school […]

The Importance of Maternity and Paternity Leave

The importance of maternity and paternity leave is often overlooked until the moment it affects your family directly.  ROFPAC founding member Shanna Reimer was kind enough to share her story with us.  You can always share your story of why you support ROFPAC at I was totally guilty of thinking that maternity leave was […]