Raising Our Future PAC Statement on Trump Administration Decision on Contraception

The decision by the Trump Administration to allow a greater number of employers to claim “religious or moral” objections to covering basic, fundamental, and preventative contraceptive care for American families is objectionable on every level. Access to reproductive health care is a fundamental human right, and the fulfillment of that right must also be accompanied by societal and economic supports that enable everyone to raise healthy and thriving families.

The basic tenant of this decision is that an employer should have greater discretion than an employee based on the employer’s religious preferences. At its core, the decision is a violation of a woman’s right to make medical decisions with her doctor free from economic coercion. In other words, this decision disempowers families across our country. The affordability of family planning should never be under the purview of an employer.

At Raising Our Future PAC, we strongly condemn the decision to insert an employer’s religious beliefs into the medical and financial decisions of an employee. We are saddened and angered at the decision by the Trump Administration to politicize Americans’ family choices. What, when, and how we as Americans decide to expand our families should be entirely left to us to decide.

We look forward to engaging and supporting candidates who agree that affordable access to a full-range of family planning options should be standard in our healthcare coverage, who believe that education around reproductive health services is a fundamental right, and that no employer should be allowed any authority over  family planning decisions.

Jewelyn Cosgrove, Treasurer