Raising Our Future PAC Statement On Events In Charlottesville

Today has been a hard day for all of us. By now everyone has seen the horrific acts of racism and violence taking place in Charlottesville. A young woman was murdered by a racist terrorist and dozens more were injured. Two police officers lost their lives while working to protect the safety of the residents of Charlottesville and those that would stand up to the vile group of racists that have poured into Virginia from around the country.

We have also seen the disturbingly mealy-mouthed statement from President Trump. While Raising Our Future does not have the expertise and experience to work on issues of race and racism in America, we do have the experience as human beings to say loudly that we will not accept this. We oppose racism like any thinking human. And we know that today is not representative of “many sides.” There is one side, they are white supremacists and they are evil.

Many of us have been wondering how to help today. Acts of terrorism, especially by the most broken and deplorable members of our own nation, are hard to stomach. We encourage you to take action wherever you are in the world.

Today what each of us can do is stand with Charlottesville. Speak out, do not stay silent. Stand up to racism wherever you see it.

Political Action Committees are, at the most basic level, about taking money and getting it to where it can do the most good. If you are able, please consider donating your money or even your time to one of the many great organizations on the ground and working for Charlottesville and against the worst, racist parts of our society.


  1. Charlottesville Chapter of the NAACP, which is part of the organization’s long history of centering the needs and rights of Black people across the country.
  2. Charlottesville Pride, a local community organization that aims to connect the LGBTQ community to resources and events in the area.
  3. Beloved Community Charlotteville, a direct response created to counter the Unite The Right rally.
  4. Legal Aid Justice, providing legal representation to low-income individuals throughout Virginia.
  5. Charlottesville Solidarity Legal Fund, an independent community resource with a focus on anti-racism activism. They are fundraising for legal needs to continue their work.
  6. Southern Poverty Law Center, The SPLC is one of the finest organizations tracking hate groups and attacking Jim Crow in the nation.


Raising Our Future stands with those fighting hate in Charlottesville and across the country. ROFPAC is united by a simple overarching mission: making this world a better place for our children. We may never stamp out racism, but with the leadership of the groups above and so many others, we will drive it back to the dark shadows where it belongs.


Matt Erwin