Regan Hall is Raising Our Future

Regan Hall is a founding member of Raising Our Future

After such a contentious primary season, I was looking forward to life settling down after the November 8, 2016 election. Instead, all the fear, anxiety, anger, disappointment, and rage I had been repressing for months was catapulted right to the surface as Trump was declared the winner. I was devastated. To me, he represented everything I was fighting against: racism, sexism, Islamaphobia, xenophobia, isolationism, ablism, and classism. The fear that those appalling ideals had won because there were so many supporters who agreed with them was no longer just a fear.

It was reality.

I sobbed that night, alone on the couch while my family slept, wondering how I was going to raise my two children, then ages 15 and 3, in a country that elected someone who was so diametrically opposed to what I value? I was terrified of what might lie ahead. I watched hate crimes on the uptick after November 8, and it filled me with worry.  Anxiety caused insomnia, and after a few weeks, I turned to art to help soothe myself during sleepless nights. I began making postcards to send to Trump Tower in NYC (and later, the White House), so that I could both dump the fears and anxieties and concerns that needled me as I tried to sleep, and also so that I could potentially let my thoughts be tallied amongst the thousands, possibly millions, more who were doing similar projects. But no matter how many cards I made about healthcare or foreign policy or education or climate change, I knew I needed to find a new way of letting those in elected office know exactly what my concerns were. I felt lost most of the time. What could one person do? My phone calls and marches were not making tangible impacts that I could point to and say, “My actions helped.”

During the entire election cycle, I was part of an on-line group of friends that focused on politics. We debated each other. We consoled each other. We provided a shoulder to lean on, and we lent an ear for venting. For many of us, post-election depression was our new reality. For others, post-election anger won out. For all of us, we knew something needed to change in DC politics, and we had a lot of ideas. How could we make our voices heard effectively?

When the idea for creating a PAC was first floated in the group, I jumped at the chance to be part of something that would be able to reach the eyes and ears of those who run our country. Finally, it felt like the energy that I was building from the marches and postcard campaigns could be channeled in a focused way, one which reflected my values as a parent and as a citizen.

I’m deeply honored to support Raising Our Future PAC. ROFPAC represents the future of the United States that I want to see realized. Whereas Trump’s America is divisive and fearful of science, ROFPAC’s platform supports meaningful education based on solid research and methodology as well as social programs that help to meet the needs of families. ROFPAC sees the child as a whole, but also as a citizen-in-training. Caring, thoughtful, insightful, well-developed children who are taught how to effectively socialize with each other as well as adults are the children that will be running the country in 20-30 years. This is something that I can support whole-heartedly. It is the perfect antidote to the current administration, and it gives me hope.