Melissa is Raising Our Future

Melissa Juntunen is a founding member of Raising Our Future

I have never been involved in politics at all but this past election cycle changed that. In part because I decided to take my head out of the sand and pay attention to what was going on around me and in part because the two most important humans in my life will directly be effected by the decisions of this administration.

On November 9th I woke up heartbroken and lost a lot of hope in humanity. In January/February I became angry that our government was being filled with people highly unqualified for their jobs and those people would effect my life and the life of my boys so I started making phone calls and emailing my representatives. About 6 months ago, when someone in a group of friends posted an idea about starting a PAC (political action committee) I was both intrigued and had no clue what he was talking about (see above “never involved in politics”). We were all parents, and we were discussing the challenges of raising our children in today’s world and figured if we weren’t happy with what was going on around us then we should band together to change it! I listened in on the first conference call we had and was hooked. I left that call with hope that we can have free public education for all and not just those of us who are privileged and that we could live in a world that accepts everyone no matter their gender, race or sexual orientation and that families deserve to make their own decisions on how/if/when they want to grow. I am a part of Raising our Future Political Action Committee (#ROFPAC) because I want to be able to look at my kids and tell them that I did everything I could to help make their world a better place.