Mark H. is Raising Our Future

Mark is Raising Our Future

It feels so easy to be powerless and voiceless in today’s political climate. My wife and I have a son, child care, jobs, pets, house projects and ….well…life. We vote and post to social media, research and debate but when the polls close we walk away and just spectate.

Then came 2016 and an election that proved the stakes to be higher than ever. After the results were tallied, many of us were distraught and confused on what to do next. Some of my friends from an online parenting group decided that we should not remain silent on issues that were important to us as progressive leaning parents. We decided to start a political action committee (PAC).

Raising our Future PAC matters to me because I want our kids to grow up in a world where people don’t have to hide their identity and can start a family with whomever they want without societal judgements and government discrimination. I want a world where the struggles of families are no longer silent. Where paid family leave is a given instead of a rarity. One where early education and affordable childcare are the norm. I want a world where there is no question about what percentage the gender pay gap is because there is none. Where women and men earn the same and women don’t have to take a penalty in career development for having a family. As a father, husband, son and decent member of society, it is time for me to stop being silent about my beliefs and my vision for the future.

I want my sons’ future family to have better support than we have now. We can do so much better for each other. We are all members of families and we can all support families better than we do now. We need to start speaking up.