Raising Our Future Raises More Than $15,000 On Launch Day

Press Release


July 25, 2017

Contact:  Matthew Erwin | Chairman

(202)838-6802 • raisingourfuture@gmail.com


Parent Created Raising Our Future PAC (ROFPAC) Raises More Than $15,000 On Launch Day!

Yesterday, Raising Our Future PAC launched, with an avalanche of posts and personal stories.  ROFPAC is volunteer run by parents from across the country.

“Our simple message of social justice, universal education and support for working families has resonated with people across the country,” said ROFPAC Chairman Matt Erwin, “We are humbled by the support we received, the stories that were shared and the energy of our members.”

Launching at 9:00am, the new PAC received more than $5,000 in the first three hours.

“The excitement was palpable within the PAC, as we spread the word and immediately saw traffic be driven to our website and Facebook page.  We were all touched and motivated to begin working with candidates who support our vision as donations rolled in.” said Jamie Karutz, ROFPAC founding member and Secretary of the Board.

By the end of the day, ROFPAC had received over $15,000 in donations from 175 people.

“The average donation to ROFPAC is less than $100,” said ROFPAC Treasurer Jewelyn Cosgrove. “These are real families giving real money. This is truly a grassroots movement.”

ROFPAC Director of Operations Jenny Erwin added, “It is a great start, but we are only getting started. We started Raising Our Future today, tomorrow we start changing the world.”

For more information on the platform, the board members, or to contribute to the Raising Our Future PAC, visit www.raisingourfuture.org.

Raising Our Future Press Release Launch