Raising Our Future Condemns Trump’s Action on Transgender Soldiers

President Trump has just announced that all transgender citizens are now banned from military service.

That means that an estimated 6,000 patriots that are honorably serving our nation are being kicked out of their jobs. 6,000 patriots are being told their selfless service to this country is not appreciated and not respected.

It is respected by Raising Our Future PAC. And it is respected by the millions of patriotic American citizens that support our transgender compatriots.

A key part of our platform reads as such: “LGBTQ families should have the same employment rights and protections, including protection from discrimination in the workplace and the right to military service.”

We stand up and shout this today. It is time to send President Trump and his enablers a message. Service and patriotism cannot be replaced and should not be ignored. The transgender men and women who honorably serve our country deserve every protection that they have put their lives on the line to ensure.

This is a message to every Senator and Congressperson.

As a PAC we will not support any candidate who supports the President’s decision on this policy. We will actively work to make sure you lose your job. You represent all of us.

Donate to Raising Our Future today so that we can fight these harmful policies.