The Importance of Fair Pay

Jaime Heidenreich is a founding member of Raising Our Future

Right around the time of the presidential election in 2016, I was lucky to find myself in a group of politically progressive and passionate parents. Their hope for the future inspired me and got me through the months after the election. Then, we decided to do something! And we came together and create Raising Our Future Political Action Committee. We decided to put our energy into doing something meaningful. We want to create a better country for the parents of the future… for our kids one day.

One element of our platform has  become especially meaningful to me in the past few months: Fair Pay. My husband was suddenly and very unexpectedly laid off. And just like that, we found ourselves living in poverty. He was anxious to get back to work and not have a large unemployment gap in his resume, so he accepted a job that’s very much underemployment. We are struggling to get the support we need while still looking for better employment and my heart goes out to all the families struggling with much, much less than even we have. $7.25 an hour is not fair pay and cannot sustain a family, even with two incomes.
I’m hopeful that this wonderful family centered organization, Raising Our Future PAC, is working to support candidates that want to see fair pay in America! Our future deserves better. #ROFPAC