Officially Announcing Raising Our Future

Press Release


July 25, 2017

Contact:  Matthew Erwin | Chairman

(202)838-6802 •


Today parents from every state decided to quit standing idly by and take control of their political future.  Thus, Raising Our Future (ROFPAC), a volunteer run Political Action Committee begins its work to make a better, kinder future for ourselves and our children.

“Like a plurality of Americans, the November election was an exercise in existential horror for me,” ROFPAC founder and chairman, Matt Erwin, said. “I gave Hillary a few bucks, made some phone calls, bought some swag and I thought that was enough.”

On January 21, Matt tapped out a rambling message to a group of a few hundred parents that had  shared in the highs and lows of the election cycle together. He floated the idea of starting a PAC focused on the issues parents think about every day. The response was immediate and overwhelming. A chorus of “I’m in,” with a quieter chorus of “what the hell is a PAC?” chimed in. Hundreds of parents, most with small kids and full time jobs, decided to start a PAC because they were tired of standing still and waiting for change to happen.

Our vision was clear: raise enough money to fight back against the Trump agenda in 2018 and 2020 by helping to elect the kind of people, be they Democrats or Republicans,  who shared a vision for the country we wanted our children to grow up in. A country where:

  • Universal Pre-K sets the stage for success of families across the country
  • Classrooms are supportive of a fact-based, inclusive curriculum, and are encouraging of student engagement
  • Robust federal funding of schools ensures that all students have an equal opportunity to achieve their dreams
  • Access to family planning and reproductive health services are readily available
  • LGBTQ families are supported in every facet of their personal and professional lives
  • Our policies relating to paid family leave reflect the changing family composition and attitudes towards gender roles and workplace goals
  • Children and parents thrive by increasing access to affordable, high-quality child care
  • Supporting working families through things like minimum wage increases and equal pay laws
  • Providing a family friendly workplace is seen as an asset and not a liability

There were a thousand tasks, big and small taken on by dozens of men and women who didn’t have time to do them. It didn’t matter. We did them because the future is too important not to. That is what parents do.

“We aren’t a cabal of seasoned political fundraisers,” Erwin explained. “There isn’t a celebrity among us. We are just a group of people who love our families and are willing to fight to give them the best world we can make.”

Our work is just beginning.  Over the next year and a half we are going to do everything we can to raise money and find candidates that will put families first. Our work won’t win races single handedly. According to ROFPAC Treasurer Jewelyn Cosgrove, “If we can offer a donation that allows a candidate to knock on an extra door and remind an exhausted single parent why it is important to get out and vote, then we’ve accomplished everything we have set out to achieve.”

For more information on the platform, the board members, or to contribute to the Raising Our Future PAC, visit


Raising Our Future Press Release