Kim Is Raising Our Future

Kim Randalot is a founding member of Raising Our Future

I was one of the people who put on a pantsuit and bought champagne. I was ready to make history. I remember exactly when the first stage hit me: Denial and disbelief.  This can’t be happening, I thought, as the election results poured in. I definitely went through guilt. If only. If only I put up that yard sign. If only I canvased. Donated more. Depression came. I was so sad. I remember not being able to bring myself to get out of out of the car to socialize with the other parents at my daughter’s preschool pickup. They were laughing and smiling and I couldn’t even talk to them. I just couldn’t. Then the anger set in. I got out of the car again, but I didn’t smile as much. I stopped letting things slide, just because ‘he’s a good guy’ or because ‘she’s family.’

But this is not another story of the stages of grief. Because the last stage in the story is not acceptance. On my hardest days, I look at my children, and I resist the urge to cry or throw my phone out the window.

I’ve moved to the next stage: Resistance.

It’s not about history. It’s about the future. It’s about raising my children to do better, be better. It’s about making the future better. I’m so blessed to be part of a group of parents that shares this vision. They are so amazing and have so much collective passion and knowledge and decided one of the best ways we can make change is to support political candidates that share our vision. So we started a PAC. It’s called Raising Our Future PAC. And I’m excited again. I’m going to buy a new bottle of champagne: To the future.