Jewelyn Is Raising Our Future

Jewelyn Cosgrove is the Treasurer of Raising Our Future

Politics today is hard on the heart. It’s coarse, angry, and loud, and these days completely uncompromising. We, as Americans, have allowed Congress to become distracted from the job we sent them there to do – improve the livelihoods of the American people, ensure the security of the American family, and promote the success of future generations. For all the ugliness of political discourse today, I know the solution has to come from us.

2016 was one of the most difficult elections of my life. As a former Republican, I had a great deal of respect for a number of candidates competing for the Republican nomination, though I was and am a Hillary Clinton fan, so I planned to vote for her regardless. I watched a candidate who embodied all I have found wrong about politics and campaigning, who called names and destroyed the Overton window (learn something new every day – google it!), rise to win the GOP nomination and ultimately the Presidency… and I lost my faith for a moment. And then I remembered that this isn’t even about who the President is. It matters in the short term, but the long game is about something bigger. It’s about me, my husband and my daughter, and what kind of future we want for the American people, no matter who sits in the Oval Office.

I’ve come a long way in my political evolution, but especially since I became a mother, I have found new fire to fight for what I believe. What has always drawn me to public discourse was all the good solid, thoughtful, and pragmatic policy could do to promote the general welfare of our nation. As a mother, that is what I do for my family. I look at my child and I want her to have a quality education, dependable access to health services, a good paying job, and a fulfilling career. So I fight for it, every day. I work hard at my job, I get involved in my local school system, and I pay attention to my community, city, and state policies. When I look to Congress, I want them focused on the same thing I am – how to ensure my daughter has a better life than I have now.

So today, I am proud to announce that I’ve been working with a group of parents for the past few months to form a political action committee. Raising Our Future PAC is an effort to promote candidates who prioritize and champion policies that impact parents and their children. Raising Our Future PAC will support candidates who articulate and advance legislation and programs that expand universal access to pre-K, fact-based curriculum, and continued support for our public educational system. Raising Our Future PAC also seeks to support family priorities like family planning, paid parental leave, affordable childcare, fair pay and gender equity, and family-friendly workplaces.

These are policies we can agree on across the political spectrum. I’m joining this effort because it is high time our politics start advancing our policy aims, that Congress step back from brinksmanship and start working towards bipartisanship, and that all of us put families and children – our future – FIRST. So I ask that you join me. That you join us. If you believe in good wages, the American family, and in quality education, join us. We’ve got work to do, and giving politically to a PAC focused on advancing those issues specifically gives you a greater voice about your priorities and your goals.

I am proud to serve as Treasurer of this new baby political action committee.  We have so much work to do, and if you’re tired of bickering, let’s put your money where your mouth is. We’re Raising Our Future, one dollar at a time.