Erika is Raising Our Future

Erika Hindes Huckaby is a founding member of Raising Our Future

At some point in 2016 something “clicked” with me. Previously I was mildly engaged in politics; I had opinions, I knew where my ideals fit, but I wasn’t deeply immersed or well educated in all issues. The Presidential primaries proved to capture my interest as well as the issues that candidates discussed. I found myself joining some friends in a grass roots effort to campaign for Hillary Clinton in hopes of helping to change the narrative in the media from negativity and mud-slinging to highlighting the actual facts and qualifications of a candidate. It was a big move to step outside of my comfort zone within social media to talk about politics.

We spent the 100 days leading up to Election Day researching, writing and sharing information about policies and qualifications for our candidate. We didn’t engage in negative commentary about other candidates. I had some friends and family hide me or even unfriend me. I had others who privately told me they were reading along and appreciated my dedication and the careful consideration of sharing information that was thoughtful. Obviously the results of the election were terribly upsetting because the outcome was not what I wanted and every day since then seems to continue to spiral into some kind of chaos that to me, does not represent the values of my vision for our government and this country.

As a woman of color, as a parent of three children, as the spouse of someone who has dedicated much of their life to working in public education, so much of what has taken place since the election is deeply concerning. In the early days after the election one of my fellow Hillary 100 members tossed out an idea– We should start a PAC. In spite of the diversity of our group, we all had parenting as a commonality. And our shared passion for ensuring a bright future for our children inspired the group to create a Political Action Committee that could support the candidates and issues that ensure our children have the kind of future where they grow up in a country that values equality, education and the importance of families. So here I am, playing a small role in the creation and launch of this brand new PAC, Raising Our Future. I hope you join me in supporting this cause.